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For nearly 50 years, Hilton Head Health has been helping REAL people change their lives at its island resort. Now, Hilton Head Health brings its team of experts right to your screen with Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND.
Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND is a video streaming service for real people who want to shift from dreaming into doing, eating into nourishing and living into thriving -- at their pace, on their terms.

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Developed by America’s #1 Weight Loss and Wellness Resort

If you’re looking for a source you can trust, workouts that meet you where you are, a healthy meal plan that doesn’t feel like a diet, and a weight loss strategy set on your terms… if you just want to feel better every day, we’re offering something different: REAL change for REAL people.

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Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND’s 3-Pillar Approach to Real Change

We hear you when you say “I know what to eat, and I know I need to exercise, but I just can’t seem to make it happen.” Instead of trying today’s diet fad or fitness craze, use our three pillars to help you discover your individual path to success, in a way that works for you.

Move Well features fitness videos designed for real people at all levels of activity, whether you’re just getting started or exercise regularly.


Eat Well addresses the whats, whys and hows of nutrition and includes recipe videos featuring delicious, simply prepared, whole foods.


Be Well features videos that help you overcome the obstacles that have kept you from making the changes you want to make.

In addition to the three pillars, the weight loss experts at Hilton Head Health have created REAL Weight Loss -- a 16-week guided program that gives you everything you need for healthy, lasting weight loss results. REAL Weight Loss is free and is included in your subscription.
Sign up today and start REAL Weight Loss or browse our ever-expanding collection of videos to find the inspiration you need.
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Is Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND  right for me?

We meet you where you are on your wellness journey. No matter your age, body type or fitness level, you will find that Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND is exactly what you are looking for - REAL change for REAL people.

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what Hilton Head Health guests and ONDEMAND users have to say about their experiences.

“This is not another diet or fitness plan, this is how everyone should be living.”

Ann Basta- South River, New Jersey

“Neither I nor my Doctor can believe the results I’ve had thus far. I no longer feel that this may be my last year, but that this is the beginning of many more to come.”

Matthew Brown- Woodridge, New York

“When I started I could barely walk and needed wheelchair assistance. I was able to go off my diabetes medication having successfully kept it under control with diet. If I can do it, anyone can!”

Lorraine Furtner- Knoxville, Tennessee

"Here's to surprising ourselves. To wanting more for ourselves and going out and taking the time to do the things we never knew we could do. We deserve them. Here's to health AND happiness ahead. Here's to just getting started."

Sarah Polite - Greenville, South Carolina

"The fitness videos blow other fitness apps out of the park because it gives us a place to start -- no matter what our level of fitness, and a place to go as we progress along."

Fawn Germer - Dunedin, Florida

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•   Effective and fun fitness programs designed by your trainers to get results
•   Sustainable behavior and cognitive guidance to stay motivated
•  Tools to monitor and measure your progress to keep yourself on track
•  New content added weekly to keep you engaged


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